Song For Greenock

Why is the Song for Greenock free?


This song was given to me by the Lord, for the people of Greenock.  I don't feel right charging for a message of hope and restoration that the Lord gave me.


Unfortunately, this website won't let me add it for free - so, its on sale at 0.05 (that's NZD by the way).  If you don't want to enter your details, e-mail me and I'll send you a digital file. 


The Song for Greenock was inspired by my recent trip "Home".  The home of my mother and granparents.


I was deeply touched by my visit to Greenock, seeing the places my Grandparents used to talk of, and, visiting the sites where they once worked (what was left of them).


I attended The Highlander's Academy for a very brief time before my father brought us to New Zealand, where I have lived since the age of five.


The people we spoke to about Greenock said things like, "why did you come back?"  I wouldn't have.  Who wants to go to Greenock etc. 


This song speaks of Greenocks economic and spiritual success, and acknowledges its special place in God's heart and the history of the Church.  And of course, Gods call to Greenock - call on My name.


Song For Greenock